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Today we going to share with you all the latest and hottest Plants vs Zombies Heroes Cheats for Plants vs Zombie: Heroes. Plants vs Zombie Heroes is the new game by EA, is coming from the previous successful game Plants vs Zombies and Plants vs Zombie Garden Warfare 2.

So you found us, the reason you found us is because of facing frustration in game that EA company make the game hard to continue if you do not use in-app purchase. We totally understand your frustration, and we are here to provide you the method and ways to get gems without you have to spend hundred of dollars in order to get gems. We going to share with you this plants vs zombies heroes cheats.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Cheats Proof


How to use Plants vs Zombies Heroes Cheats?

Option 1: PvZ: Heroes Online Generator


  1. Enter your in game username
  2. Enter the amount you need for each resource and click generate
  3. Wait for PvZ Heroes Online Gems Generator to do the job! (it might takes few minutes to generate
  4. Done!!  You will have your resource generated!!

*** Tips: For option 1 online generator, you can generate gems for your friend too!! ***

Option2: PvZ: Heroes Android & iOS Cheats Tool


  1. Download Android or iOS Cheats Tool
  2. Install PvZ Heroes Cheats to your device
  3. Enter amount of resource you need and click generate
  4. Wait for PvZ Heroes Cheats to do the job! (it might takes few minutes to generate)
  5. Done!!  You will have your resource generated!!

PvZ: Heroes Cheats Detail

This plants vs zombies heroes cheats is totally free, and there are total three tools for you to use. 1)Plants vs Zombie Heroes Cheats Online Generator , 2) Plants vs Zombie Heroes Android Cheats Tool , 3) Plants vs Zombie Heroes iOS Cheats Tool. For instance option 1 is to generate resource online, option 2 & 3 download our software and connect your device with USB cable, and the software will transfer Plants vs Zombies Heroes cheats to your device. Is simple and you do not need to root and jailbreak your phone like some others software which will void your device warranty. Our plants vs zombie heroes hack tool is using latest crypto decrypt service which will alter game resource of gem which stay under radar of plants vs zombie heroes server. Is 100% safe and easy to use. Just a gentle reminder to all please do not abuse our server.

If you have problem  using method 1 Plants vs Zombie Heroes Cheats Online Generator, you can try method 2 by choosing your device platform as we still debugging and finding what is the root cause some user is having problem with using first method. If you still having problem and want to get the answer before we release a new build, you can contact us at , we will revert within 24 hours. As always enjoy gaming :)

Background of Plants vs Zombie Heroes

I’m sure most of you have been playing the first version of Plants vs Zombie that released by pop cap few years ago when Android just started. And now this is the 3rd version of plant theme strategy card. And this time Plants vs Zombie: Heroes is release by EA, as you all know EA develop high quality games, and no doubt previous plants vs zombies and plants vs zombie garden warfare is a hit. So in this game, you will expecting similar game play by having 20 different plants which equip with different skill. Is an exciting strategy game with plant theme game. Whats make this new plants vs zombie heroes more exciting and break through from older version, is they come with different type of heroes to choose from, Green Shadow or Zombie hero, both hero got their own special ability and skill which able to counter different hero skill. Another breakthrough which is you now able to play with friends and also accepting daily question from the familiar “crazy dave”.